The dairy industry had us all fooled

Milk Does the Body Harm
Endocrine Disruptor

The definition of milk by Merriam-Webster; Dairy, an opaque fluid, rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young. The definition says it all, dairy is meant to feed the young of the animal it came from.

The USDA food pyramid recommends drinking 3 glasses of milk a day. Many people listen to and wholeheartedly put their trust in the USDA and follow the food pyramid

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thinking that they are living a healthy lifestyle and then come to find out that many of the “experts” who helped create this food pyramid for our entire country to follow work for the dairy industry. Now parents are pushing their children to drink three glasses of milk a day to prevent bone fractures in adulthood when scientific studies have shown a variety of detrimental health effects directly linked to milk consumption.

“The countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are the ones where people drink the most milk and have the most calcium in their diets. The connection between calcium consumption and bone health is actually very weak, and the connection between dairy consumption and bone health is almost nonexistent.”

~Amy Lanou Ph.D., nutrition director for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C.

Milk is milk, no matter what you do to it: yogurt, ice cream, heavy cream, whipped cream or butter. It all contains bovine proteins, fats and hormones intended to make a baby calf grow into a 500-pound cow. It is not meant for human consumption. The medical evidence is abundantly clear on this fact and yet thousands of Americans drink pasteurized milk daily. Milk today is a processed food and is detrimental to our health. Raw Goat, Sheep and Cow milk, cheese and butter are a healthy option if you must have dairy. You want it to be from a grass fed, grass finished, pasture-raised animal.

“Consumption of dairy products, particularly at age 20 years, was associated with an increased risk of hip fracture in old age”. Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Hip Fractures in the Elderly.” American Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 139, No. 5, 1994.

Dr. Michael Klaper, who has over 40 years’ experience as a physician, consultant and educator to thousands, states that:

Cow’s milk is “baby calf growth fluid”. “Everything in that white liquid – the hormones, the lipids, the proteins, the sodium, the growth factors like IGF -I – are all there to start that calf growing into a great big cow, or else they would not be there.

Its purpose is to increase weight and promote growth in tissues throughout the mammalian body. It’s great stuff if you are a baby calf, but if you are a human trying to create a lean, healthy body, it will NOT “do a body good.”

It is true that milk contains close to 300mg of calcium per cup but to your surprise, you may find it interesting that the calcium in the cup of milk that your bones need to stay strong increases calcium loss in the bones of humans.  Like all animal protein, dairy acidifies the body’s pH, in turn triggering a biological correction. Calcium neutralizes acid and our bones store calcium so when we consume dairy our body pulls calcium from our bones to neutralize the acid effect the dairy has on our delicate digestive system. It then leaves our body via the urine, hence causing weaker bones instead of strengthening them.

Known Side Effects of Dairy Consumption

  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Eczema
  • Aging
  • Poor Skin (and internal Health)
  • Chronic Digestive Problems
  • Cancers Risks; prostate, breast, gastric (stomach)

“Why are young girls going through puberty at age 7, 8 and 9 years of age? Why are they saddled with all the psychological damage and increased risk that comes from becoming sexually mature before age 10? Before we blame pesticides and plasticizers, should we not consider these potent, mammalian estrogens we are pouring through our children’s bodies, day after day from infancy, in all the milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt they avidly eat?”

~Dr. Klaper M.D.


Dr. Willett, M.D. wrote a letter and sent it out to researchers and subjects in one of the largest ongoing medical studies in history. Dr. Willett, M.D. is not only the lead investigator of Harvard University Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS), he is also the chair of Harvard’s nutrition department and the single-most-cited nutritionist in the world.

The Letter:


Dear colleague,

“Many of these findings have had a major impact on thinking about the cause and prevention of disease. As you will note, we have already learned much about the relation of diet and lifestyle to risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Consumption of more than two glasses of milk per day was associated with almost twice the risk of advanced and metastatic prostate cancer.”

During a recent yoga retreat to Asturias, Spain I was hiking along a cow field and on the other side was this amazing bull grazing in the prairie eating grass (as do all the cows and bulls in Spain) and I stopped to take a picture telling my instructor Ana about GMO corn and soy being fed to livestock in the U.S. and how a lot of livestock in America look sick until they pump it full of hormones and get it ready for slaughter. She said an old saying her mother taught her was “that man eats the cow to try and become as big as the bull when the bull eats only grass”

Calcium and magnesium go hand in hand, the body needs an equal amount of magnesium to digest calcium. The average American is magnesium deficient due to lack of dark green, leafy vegetables and algae (spirulina) in their diets. Magnesium is the center atom of chlorophyll (found in green vegetables). This is the reason why cows have such a high amount of calcium in their fluids, they get it from eating greens not from drinking milk. And you must stop and question as to exactly how much calcium today’s milk really has in it anyway, the cows aren’t eating grass as they were born to do, they are loaded up with chemical-laden GMO feed, antibiotics and steroids. Do yourself a favor and throw your pasteurized milk, yogurt, heavy cream and butter away.

To ask Dr. Michael Klaper questions about Dairy email

Better Choices

Almond Milk, comes from blending already soak almonds and water
Coconut Milk comes from the grated meat of a brown coconut; buy an organic brand, or make at home.
Cashew Milk comes from blending already soaked cashews and water
Quinoa Milk comes from quinoa cooked and blended with water
Rice Milk commonly made from brown rice, cooked and blended with water.

I suggest you avoid the company SILK (owned by Dean Foods) and buy an organic brand with a limited amount of ingredients or make it at home in a vita mix blender. I have recipes on my Instagram page or you can email me.

Goats & Sheep Milk comes from a goat/sheep and is meant to feed a baby goat/sheep just like cow milk is meant to feed its young.  I only include it here as a last option if you are having a hard time eliminating dairy out of your life. Buy raw milk, cheese and butter from a grass fed, grass finished, pasture-raised animal only, if possible.

A goat is a smaller animal and its milk has smaller fat globules in it making it easier on your digestive system than cow’s milk. If you’re going to have cheese on something, choose goat cheese as a healthier alternative to cow’s cheese. Please do your best to eliminate all dairy from your life and if you can’t live without it only eat it on special occasions.

Why Is Our Food Being Made
Modified by The World’s Largest
       Pesticide Manufacturer?

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