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Preventative Maintenance

We have 37 trillion cells in our body and each one of them creates metabolic waste as it functions. When this cellular waste builds up in your system you will start to feel tired after a full night’s rest, you will have afternoon crashes, headaches, unexplained weight gain and trouble finding the energy to exercise. These are all tell-tale signs that the elimination routes in your body are congested and need a good cleaning. This is the easiest way to stay healthy and prevent illness and disease.

Not only do our cells create waste but the environment around us is constantly eliminating waste that we are exposed to and absorb into our cells every day. Eliminating cellular waste and accumulated environmental toxins can make you feel lighter, stronger and clear minded.

The small intestines of an adult are around 25 feet long, the walls of the intestines get a build-up of hard plaque on its walls from all the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. When this occurs we are unable to absorb the nutrients we eat or supplement with. The oxy-powder from Global Healing is the only colon cleanse I have ever done where I felt dramatically different after just a few days. The original formula was created by Nikola Tesla and Dr. Eugene Blass, oxy-powder uses monatomic oxygen to promote colon health and normal bowel activity acting like a scrubbing bubbles for the intestines eating away at the hard plaque and allowing your body to once again absorbed all the nutrients you consume. Accumulated waste slows digestion and your metabolism. As you go through these cleanses your body will replace toxins with beneficial, intestinal flora, you will have eliminated slug and stones from your gallbladder and liver, your kidneys will become free-flowing and functioning again. Once you reach this point your body will be prepared to eliminate harmful organisms, chemicals, heavy metals and other toxic buildup left in your system.

All of these Cleanses are made to do at your own pace, you just want to make sure you do them in the proper order, opening up each elimination pathway making it easier for the next organ to be cleansed. Global Healing Cleanses are my favorite for beginner cleansers, they are potent concentrations of herbs that get the job done with simple instructions to follow and incorporate into your busy life. All Dr. Groups Cleanses come with step-by-step instructions and a copy of The Green Body Cleanse PDF.

20180909_162740The Thyroid Health Kit is Global Healing Center’s premium combination of essential nutrients to help promote normal thyroid function. This convenient kit features Detoxadine Nascent Iodine, Selenium, and VeganSafe B-12 to support processes such as energy production, metabolism, and hormone regulation. For more detailed information read “Nascent Detoxified Iodine“, “Selenium” and “The Power of B-12“.


Body Cleanse Advanced Kit : This is my favorite cleanse to start with it contains the Colon Cleanse, latero-flora (probiotics), the Liver Cleanse and the Harmful OrganismScreenshot_20180909-162930_Google Cleanse. I always get this cleanse in the middle of the year since I usually do the 9 step full body cleanse at the beginning of the year. This is a great maintenance cleanse after summer vacations. Read “Cleansing the Body” and “Life Without a Gallbladder”  for more information.


Body Cleanse Starter KitScreenshot_20180909-162836_Google

This cleanse has the colon cleanse and Liver/Gallbladder


Gut Health Kit

This 30-day Gut Health Kit contains Oxy-Powder, VeganZyme, Floratrex (advanced 20180909_163015probiotic blend), and Aloe Fuzion (200x concentrate formula). This cleanse was created to cleanse, balance, support, and maintain all of your body’s digestive processes.


Advanced Mental Wellness Cleanse

The Advanced Mental Wellness Kit is a powerful 30-day plan with the nutritional supplies to support detoxification of your body, nutritionally support your mind, and enact the lifestyle changes necessary to boost your mental well-being.

This cleanse contains the following supplements:



9-step Full body cleanse


The 9 Step Body Cleanse Kit provides everything you need to cleanse your colon, kidneys, and liver and gallbladder (3x). You’ll also perform harmful organism and chemical and toxic metal cleanse.

Colon Cleanse

Screenshot_20180909-163547_GoogleI do a full 6-day cleanse once a year and use oxy-pills 2 or 3x a week to keep my digestive system moving while giving a fresh dose of oxygen to keep inflammation at bay.



Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

The full Body Cleanse has 3 liver/gallbladder cleanses in it. I keep doing them until I no longer have stones still coming out of me, I take a few days or a week off in Screenshot_20180909-163635_Googlebetween to allow my body to heal and then start another one. This cleanse can and should be done even if you are missing your gallbladder.


Kidney Cleanse

Screenshot_20180909-163701_GoogleThis cleanse gives your kidneys a boost with Renaltrex and facilitates toxin removal with Oxy-Powder and Latero-Flora.



Harmful Organism Cleanse

A harmful organism is anything that lives off of its host (meaning you), yeast (candida), protozoa, parasites (roundworm, pinworm, trichina spiralis, tapeworm,Screenshot_20180909-162930_Google and fluke). The parasite uses the host’s resources to fuel its life cycle. It uses the host’s resources to maintain itself and they consume your B12 before your body has a chance to absorb it.


Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse

Exposure to toxic chemicals and metals is a daily occurrence and, once in the body, Screenshot_20180909-163801_Googlechemicals and toxic metals multiply the production of harmful free radicals that poison the body, impair cell and organ function, and lead to serious health concerns. Read “Chemical Shitstorm” and “What the Hell is an Endocrine Disruptor” for more detailed information.


Coffee Enemas

This is a great inexpensive way to dump toxins from the liver fast and efficiently. It assists the liver in detoxification and a side effect of this cleanse is that it also empties out the lower intestines (colon) of impacted feces and may be used in conjunction with oxy-powder to retrain the colon. However, it will NOT assist the body in getting rid of liver, gallbladder or kidney stones, this must be done with more specific cleanses.

Organic Coffee Enemas (Café Mam coffee only, Therapy Blend)

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